Ned is the son of Lewis and Belle. He is the brother of Lucy and half brother of Phoebe and Tilda. Ned was adopted out when he was a baby as Lewis and Belle weren't in a good place, and at the time, weren't happy together. Later on, a few years, they had Lucy, meaning that they did get back together and Ned is older. A conversation is seen between Lewis and Lucy in episode three of season three where Lucy asks about Ned, and why he was given away, but she was kept.

He is first seen in the first episode of season three, after everyone finds out Lewis got into a fight and was put in Beechworth Prison. Lewis is seen looking through old articles where he started a fight with the adoptive father of Ned, which then leads him to go and find him, caught up in the nostalgia and curiousity of where his son may be. When he finds Ned's house, he goes to talk to him as a stranger, pretending to be a builder offering work (Ned does not know he is his father at the time). They get into an argument when Lewis looks through Ned's window, and he accuses Lewis of working for the men out to get him, calling him "sketchy". 

Ned starts to fight him, but is pushed into the wooden railing, which snaps and they both fall. Right before falling, Lewis confesses that he is his dad, which raises many questions. With a graze on Lewis' head and a cut on Ned's hand, they must go to the hospital for stitches. Gemma is curious when they arrive at the hospital, demanding answers that Lewis isn't ready to answer. Abi is in the middle of stitching Ned's hand and asks, "Are you one of Lewis' friends?" which he replies no to. Abruptly, Abi's phone rings and it's Mark, telling her that she needs to come out to the car park to breastfeed their six-month-old daughter, Sophie (though, at the time, her name is Mildred), and she leaves. A scene later, an worrysome Ryan comes out and says "I looked away for a second. And he hasn't been discharged yet!" 

Lewis shows clear signs of care, asking where he went and which direction. This confuses Gemma as Ned previously told Abi they weren't friends (though, we aren't sure if Gemma knew about that conversation).