Lucy Crabb
Age Unknown
Occupation Legal Assistant
Family Belle Crabb (mother)
Lewis Crabb (father)
Gemma Crabb (stepmother)
Phoebe Crabb (half-sister)
Ned Howarth (brother)
Tilda Crabb (half-sister)
Jem Crabb (nephew)
Sam (nephew)
Ryan (brother-in-law)
Portrayer Anna McGahan
First Seen Episode One

Lucy Crabb is the eldest daughter of Lewis Crabb and his second child with his first wife, Belle. She is the youngest sister of Ned and the older half-sister of Phoebe and Tilda. She is the stepdaughter to Gemma and is the aunt of Phoebe's son, Jem and Ned's son, Sam. She is also the sister-in-law to Ryan.