House Husbands is a Australian television show airing on channel nine.

The show started on 2nd September 2012 with 1.578 million Australian's veiwing in. While ending the first season on the 4th November 2012  with 1.338 million veiwers tuning in.

The second season aired on the 8th April 2013 were it got 1.135 milllion veiws. With the last episode of the season ending on the 7th July 2013 with 0.924 veiws.

The third season has of yet got a relise date but is asured to come out in early 2014.

One of the most instreasing facts the House Husbands Wiki team found out was that House Husbands is the first Australian TV show to have a gay couple raising a child!!!

 House Husbands was origanly relised to show the issues of gender chaning roles. With the Husbands being stay-at-home dads, while the mums were busy out working.

The Baynes

The Baynes consists of Justin Bayne, Zac and Jacob Bayne (Twins), Angie Bayne and Nicola Bayne/Panas.They go through devorses, custurdy battles and even a death but some how they soldier on through the good times and bad.

The Alberts/Parkers

The Alberts/Parkers consists of Kane Albert, Tom Parker, their adopted daughter Stella Parker and their fostered son Finn. Throughout the series Kane and Tom have a few clashes, Stella has a bit of trouble learning as well as having a life changing sugeory and Finn has a battle with himself wet her to stay with the family or not while still worring about his sick grandfather.

The Olivers

The Olivers consists of Abi Oliver/Albert, Mark Oliver and Poppy Oliver. Abi and Mark's biggest worrys have been about who in the family will be the stay-at-home parent and who will be the working parent. There other biggest worry is about having a baby, after having one miscarage though Abi falls preagnet again and this time its for real. Poppy on the other hand has no worrys so far in the show shes just a very bubbly, small and loud child.

The Crabbs

The Crabbs is the largest family by far and consits of Lewis Crabb, his third wife Gemma Crabb, his two children from other mums Lucy Crabb and Phoebe Crabb, his youngest child with Gemma Tilda Crabb, and his grandchild/Phoebe's son Jem Crabb. This family has a lot of different issues infact to many to put on this blog! It could take our team all day!