The Dads and Angie in the First Episode!

 House Husbands has had 23 episodes overall. 10 in the first season and 13 in the second.

Some facts about viewing...

~ First episode aired 2nd September 2012 with 1.578 million views. This is also the most viewed episode.

~ Last episode season one (episode 10) aired 4th Novmber 2012 with 1.238 million views.

~ First episode season two aired 8th April 2013 with 1.135 million views.

~ Last episode season two (episode 13) aired 7th July 2013 with 0.924 million views.

~ Episode nine season 2 aired on 9th June 2013 has the  least amount of views with only 0.845 million.

Episode One; Season One

Directed By: Geoff Benett

Written By: Ellie Beaumont

Air Date: 2nd September 2012

Australian Viewers: 1.578 Million

About: This is the first episode were you meet "The Husbands" ; Mark Oliver, Justin Bayne, Kane Albert and Lewis Crabb. You also meet "The Wifes" Abi Oliver, Nicola Bayne/Panas (Getting divorced), Tom Parker (Yes a gay couple) and Gemma (Unknown last name at this point). And fianlly "The Kids"; Poppy Oliver, Jacob and Zac Bayne (twins), Angie Bayne, Stella Parker, Lucy Crabb and Tilda Crabb. Once at the school some trouble unfolds when the kids steal a school bus and the dads are to blam. The bus hits a sign which hits the princable luckly she only gets a broken arm. Later on the princable goes missing and the rest of the dads find out that Justin is fighting in a custerdy battle for his kids and a divorce case with his wive.

Episode Two; Season One

Directed By: Geoff Benett

Written By: Ellie Beaumone and Drew Proffitt

Air Date: 9th September 2012

Australian Viewers: 1.408 Million

About: In this episode the parents have to face "Show and Tell" day at the school were the parents have to talk about what they work as. Meanwhile Nicola has put Justin's house on the market. This makes Justin strive to be a better dad to Zac, Jacob and Angie. Lewis struggles with his new job as a "House Husband". Mark stuggles with his new Job and Kane trys to find a job.

Episode Three; Season One

Directed By: Shirley Barrett

Written By: Ellie Beaumone and Drew Proffitt

Air Date: 16th September 2012

Australian Viewers: 1.382 Million

About: In this episode Abi and Kane's father come for a visit they think he is dying as he is acting nice by hugging Kane, wanting to stay with Kane and getting to know Kane's partner Tom. After their father revels to Kane that the real reson he's there is because he's broke after all his super is lost but he dosen't want Abi to know because Kane's a stuff up and Abi's not. Then Kane spills it to Abi and after she has a talk to him it turns out that he was tricking them and he was going to get him to give him $20,000 dollars and then when he payed it back he would pay $40,000. Kane then starts up a pie bussnuis with a bit of help from the other dads, they get stuck in the truck and sick Tilda is left out in the cold by her self. Lewis thinks about a renivation project but, when the sales woman thinks he's divorsed and dosen't have a girlfriend things go terribly wrong between Gemma and Lewis. Which later ends up with a suprise proposal as well as a threat that he would jump of a very high platform if Gemma didn't say yes. Her reply was "Yes, Yes just bloody YES Lewis just get down from there". Lucy also helps Justin with the divorce papers as he signs them.

Episode Four; Season One

Directed By: Shirley Barrett

Written By: Ellie Beaumone

Air Date: 23rd September 2012

Australian Viewers: 1.382

About: Kane has become worried as Stella has been acting like a cat in class. Tom tells him that its only a faze but, when all the parents hear about it and Stella steals some cat food from the local shop Kane puts on his detective hat. They later find out that she has been keeping a cat in the back shed (Were they never go) and Stella was worried they wouldn't let her keep it. They also discover that Kane is allergic to cats! Abi becomes upset